About Us

Dynamic Coaching Centre established on 2011 in Ashok Nagar, Chennai. Our tuition Centre started with few IIT graduates to empower engineering students. Also help them to learn engineering concepts with ease. To make it possible, we as a team started teaching students with real life examples. All our classes are motivated to think with students own vision. The way we educate, helped students understand engineering is simple with logical and analytical skills. Dynamic coaching Centre helped more than 4,000+ students to graduate in their engineering disciplines. Also 1000+ engineers are passed competitive exams like GATE and IES.DCC is a best Engineering maths tuitions.

Engineering Subjects
Ranked IIT Graduates
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Why Dynamic Coaching Centre

  • IIT background educators are taking classes.
  • Handwritten notes practice will help to gain speed in examinations.
  • Practical application in all the subjects to help students understands the concept.
  • Experienced in all engineering competitive exams coaching.
  • Highly rated online and offline tutors available.
  • Our educators ranked in Unacademy.
  • Nearly a decade of experience in Coaching Classes in Chennai.
  • 5000+ students are benefitted.

Our Important Classes

  • 1. GATE Exam Coaching Class.
  • 2. IES Exam Coaching Class.
  • 3. Mechanical Engineering Tuition.
  • 4. Engineering Maths Tuition Classes.
  • 5. Chemical Engineering Tuition Classes.
  • 6. Computer Science Engineering Tuition Classes.
  • 7. Civil Engineering Tuition Classes.