Design of Machine Elements – Tuition

Design of machine elements paper explains the core of the design section under mechanical engineering. It is the extension of strength of materials concepts and application. The subjects start with simple stresses and strains and there after it gets extended to design of shafts, design of roller bearings and journal bearings, design of welded joints, design of bolted joints, design of flywheel, design of connecting rod, theories of failure, Soderberg and Goodman or Gerber equations, stress concentration and design of brakes and clutches. All the topics are deeply covered by our engineering tutors in our regular semester batches.

During design of machine elements paper classes, we provide the design concepts from the fundamentals according to student and with the help of PSG design data book which is allowed to be used in Anna University and other universities. We also guide them how make use of all the said above to master this subject.

We do have model questions and answer sessions to check the students understanding capability. Our highly rated engineering tutors give individual attention to students whenever required. Our engineering tuition classes are familiar with most of University and IIT students. Join with top engineering tuition centre in Chennai and mechanical Online ese coaching.