Engineering Graphics Paper

Engineering Graphics is a graphical language that communicates ideas and information from one mind to another and clearly define the requirements for the engineered items. Its definition gives the immense application for this subject in Mechanical Engineering which forms the very basics for the design field in this stream of engineering. It involves in giving a creative treat to the students by imagining a 2-Dimensional object in 3-Dimension and vice versa.

Preface of this subject includes drawing of Plane curves and Free hand sketching of engineering components. We’ll see how the projection of points, lines and plane surfaces are done and also to trace these projections in a mode called first angle projection. We can experience projection of solids also in engineering graphics paper. Like, how prism, pyramids and truncated solids are drawn even when the axis is tilted.

Projection of sectioned solids and development of surfaces gives us the idea how to draw when cutting planes are inclined to the one of the principal planes. And also we have Isometric and Perspective Projections are learned in engineering graphics coaching. Isometric projections of simple, truncated solids, pyramids, cones, prisms which gives visual treat here. We can discuss more during upcoming Tution Centre for Engineering in Dynamic Coaching Centre.

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