Finite Element Analysis – Tuition

Finite Element Analysis is a numerical way of solving for structural analysis, heat transfer, fluid flow and lot more. The method explains the unknown function and characteristics over the domain. To solve the problem, it subdivides a large system into smaller, simpler finite parts and those elements are called as finite elements. This forms the backbone of the well-known analyzing software called Ansys. So learning how it works and analysis of complex engineering structure in going to be the real fun at our engineering tuition classes.

Preface of finite element analysis subject involves in Mathematical Modelling of Engineering Component and forming their governing equations with the help of Ritz technique and weighted residual methods. In our tuition classes we will be solving One Dimensional Problems and Two Dimensional Scalar Variable Problems. Those are involving in formation of shape function and stiffness matrices for various elements. Also, Isoparametric Formulation for those elements and solution techniques for dynamic problems.

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