Thermal Engineering – Tuition

Thermal Engineering paper is the hard-core subject under the thermal section of mechanical engineering. It mostly involves the application of thermodynamics.

At thermal engineering paper students understands the analysis of different types of engines. It will be starts with Otto cycle which explains the working of petrol engine. Diesel cycle which includes the working of diesel engine. Dual cycle and Brayton cycle will also be included in the classes. Brayton cycle explains the working of gas turbine power plant, where we also learn the different modifications included.

Our engineering tuition classes also discuss in detail about the internal combustion engines both two stroke and four stroke, valve timing dishes, port timing diagrams, engine performance characteristics, cooling system. And also lubrication system, catalytic converter and ignition systems are main theme under internal combustion engines.

In thermal engineering analyzing steam nozzles and steam turbines with different compounding techniques were also included. Air compressors single stage with clearance volume and without clearance volume and multi stage compression and rotary compressors are also discussed. Finally vapor compression refrigeration systems and vapor absorption refrigeration systems and their analysis and air conditioning systems and Psychometric were also discussed.

All these concepts and topics are practiced with handwritten notes, taken by highly rated tutors in our coming batched. Join one of the top engineering tuition classes in Chennai.